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Less administration, more soccer.

Keep track of all games, training sessions and events in one place.

Create more time for soccer

A lot of time is wasted looking for the right information.
ProSoccerData centralizes all club activities and communication. This reduces the administrative burden and results in more time for soccer!


Key benefits

Run your club 50% more efficient

Within one single platform training and game schedules are available 24/7 for management, coaching staff, players and parents.

Throughout an ingenious system of automated alerts, chat messages or PSD mails your whole club community is reached within seconds.

Enhance player development

Send a message or chat via the mobile player app. Have players enter training attendances or fill out surveys. Communicate last-minute cancellations to parents with 1 push of a button.

Grow champions

Register training attendances, fill out game reports and learn from aggregated statistics to better evaluate players.

Key features

Planning & communication

Get a clear overview on the game and training calendar of your club and teams. Know which pitches are booked before scheduling a training.

Sportive follow-up

Schedule trainings & games. Create sportive reports on training & games to generate interesting player statistics.


Create customized player evaluations reflecting the Academy’s most important skills. PDF the final evaluation to use it during trainer-player meetings.


Keep track of player expenses like member fees and compensations owed to your trainers and other staff.


Collect all players’ orders for the clothing supplier and know that status of the current stock.


Save your personal files or share files with other staff members or players.

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Contact us

We love to hear from you
On your ProSoccerData login portal, fill out your e-mail address and click next. On the following screen you can select 'Forget my password' to reset your password.
Please contact your trainer or a staff member to send you a new account invitation.
Please find below the 9 most frequently asked questions. For all other questions, please contact your club administrator via the login portal of your PSD club platform (search your platform via the top right ‘Login’ button).
Where can I login on my PSD-account?

Go to www.prosoccerdata.com, click on the login button (top-right) and insert your email address.

I forgot my password / My password doesn't work

Go to your PSD login portal and click 'Forgot password' or contact your club admin.

I can login on the platform but not on my mobile app

Your password is the same for both devices. Go to your PSD club portal and contact your club admin.

My club uses PSD, how can I create an account?

Only the club can do this. Go to your PSD club portal and contact your club admin for an account invitation.

Where can I find the mobile app?

Go to the Google Play Store or Apple store and search for 'Prosoccerdata'.

Can I give other family members access to a player account?

Yes. Go to your PSD club portal and contact your club admin to create an extra account for player X

The administration about my son/daughter is wrong. Can I edit this?

No. Go to your PSD club portal and contact your club admin and ask to edit the information.

I can't receive any PSD mails in my private mailbox

Check your SPAM folder or go to your PSD club portal and contact your club admin to check if the right e-mail was registered

I'm a coach and I don't have access to certain information

Go to your PSD club portal and contact your club admin to ask if you have sufficient access rights

You can find us here

Ninoofsesteenweg 132
1700 Dilbeek, Belgium